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Tulsi Leaves (Ocimum Tenuiflorum)

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Pure Natural Malaivel Herbal Holy Basil Plant from 100% herbal extract which protect against UVB ray, improve hyperpigmentation, acne, signs of aging, and wound healing. 


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Holy Basils have always been used as folk medicines, owing to their numerous beneficial compounds. Malaivel herbals offer you 100% Natural Holy Basil Plant with no added substances and chemicals. It is also worth noting that complex bioactive compounds in Holy Basil often exist in the form of a mixture, so the synergistic effect of different compounds can produce a variety of physiological activities. The extraction yield, antioxidant activity (DPPH and ABTS inhibition) and total phenolic contents were evaluated. Malaivel Holy Basil Plant can be consumed as tea also, which help ease stomach upsets, hot flashes, haemorrhoids, conjunctivitis and several other ailments. Holy Basils are typically discarded and thought of as inedible, but they’re used regularly for various health and beauty benefits in Ayurvedic medicine, an alternative practice with roots in Indian culture. Lets Grab the brand new Malaivel Herbal Holy Basil Plant to experience numerous health benefits and healthy Glow of skin ! 


  Product description :  


  Introduction :  


  The Holy Basil is considered as an agro-waste but it can be a potential source of antioxidants, phenols and also possesses antibacterial and antifungal activity. Malaivel herbals offer you 100% Natural Holy Basil Plant with no added substances and chemicals. TheSeeds of Holy Basil fruits are the major by-products produced during food processing of Holy Basil enriched in antioxidants and broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents and can prevent food deterioration. 


Benefits of Malaivel Holy Basil Plant:  


  * It will boosts skin cell regeneration.  


* Malaivel Herbal Holy Basil Plant is loaded with vitamin C, which helps to neutralize free radicals and repair damaged skin cells. 


* It Hydrates skin and give a fresh look. 


* It helps to reduce the signs of premature ageing. 


* It helps to treat skin infections and heal 


* This NaturalSeed Plant helps to shrink pores. 


  How to use it: 


  * Take 1 tablespoon of Malaivel Holy Basil Plant, make a paste of this Plant with lemon juice or rose water and apply it all over your face, especially on your pimples or acne.  


* Leave it off on the face, neck and hands. Let it dry and wash it off after 20 - 30 mins.  




  Malaivel Holy Basil Plant can be steeped in hot water and consumed as tea also. It has numerous health benefits for the body. 


  Fine prints: 


  Some studies and researches indicated Holy Basil extract induces weight loss in mice, due to its effect on reducing serum TG and plasma glucose concentration. Malaivel Herbal Holy Basil Plant is very safe to consume as it is 100% natural.  


  Conclusion : 


Malaivel Holy Basil Plant is a good source of bioactive compounds, including phenolic acids, flavonoids and hydrolyzable tannins, which have beneficial health effects. Holy Basil Plant will reduce the gastric ulcer area and ulcer index, gastric juice volume, and acidity. Holy Basil Plant recovers gastric mucus content and gastric tissue at the histological level also. 


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