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Malaivel herbal :


Malaivel Herbal Pharma Private Limited is a family-owned business with unparalleled and focused knowledge of herbs and compounds. We focus on trading the high-quality herbal plants and each plant comes from a time that is ideal for harvesting. We prefer clients wellness concerns are the topmost priority for us. Also, We offer products that abide by the worldwide standards of organic horticulture.

Malaivel Herbal is a manufacturer of 100% natural, herbal based proprietary medicines for beauty and nourishment of skin,hair,body which is completely developed by a team of reputed Ayurvedic Doctors, with a deep herbal science knowledge and practice of ancient Ayurveda recipes, with a clear scientific approach.

Our Vision:

Malaivel Herbal has been committed to develop herbal based 100% Natural & Safe Beauty and Personal Care Products for the welfare of the human beings, environment and for the future generation. We completely avoid all the toxic chemicals that are used in the cosmetic industry and use herbal Ingredient. We stay committed to our basic principles of providing the safe and Quality Products.

Product Quality:

Our products are free from Artificial Preservatives, substances, synthetic Colours and Fragrances. We strictly ado not add any chemicals during any of our manufacturing process, all raw materials, including preservatives, are derived from 100% Natural sources. In fact, Most of Our products are 100% Vegan, meaning no animal based ingredients are used.

Our Manufacturing Process:

Our manufacturing processes are also different in order to bring more value and provide excellent quality to our Customers. We do not use readymade Herb extracts for manufacturing, Instead we carry out fresh extraction of raw Herbs at our manufacturing unit in order to bring freshness into the product and quality. Our Quality process ensures that fresh herbal ingredients are procured from farmers and vendors.


Our products offer natural solutions for the issues related to skin,hair and body that finally results into happiness, boosts self-confidence and elevates positive thoughts within you. We are committed to deliver excellent quality & high value products to customers, with consideration of human safety & environmental sustainability. We value the trust of our customers and by being honest and consistent in what we provide, we honour this trust and progress.

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